St. Edward Public Elementary & High School

St. Edward has a K-12 Public School located in the community. The Elementary (K-6) has seven classrooms with 72 students, for a 1:10 Teacher/Pupil ratio. Also, the elementary school has a 1:3 Computer/Pupil ratio. The High School (7-12) has 11 classrooms with 62 students, for a 1:6 Teacher/Pupil ratio. The high school has a 1:2 Computer/Pupil ratio.

The St. Edward School District 17 covers approximately 160 square miles and has a 2009-2010 actual valuation of $111, 038,387 from Boone County, $65,215,419 from Platte County, and $21,802,159 from Nance County for a total of $198,055,965. The 2009-2010 operating expenses totaled $2,289,946 with an average cost of $15,063 per student. The actual valuation per student was $755,363 (Boone County only).


Central Community College

Boone County is served by the Central Community College, which encompasses a 25-county area. The college is governed by an 11-member Board of Governors elected by the citizens of the county served. Administrative offices are located in Grand Island with campuses in Columbus, Grand Island, and Hastings and off-campus centers in Holdrege, Kearney, and Lexington. Classes are available through extended learning programs in approximately 80 communities within the college’s service area. Extended Learning Services are available in St. Edward by contacting Mary Ann Long at (402) 678-3301 or (402) 678-2283 ext. 1210. The Learning center is available at the high school Monday evenings from 7-9 pm.